1. General Provisions      

1.1. These supply contracts - rules (the "Rules"), the parties are legally binding document outlining the Buyer and Seller's rights duties and responsibilities of purchasing goods online store (hereinafter - the "e-store").   

1.2. Seller reserves the right at any time to change, edit or add to, taking into account the Lithuanian statutory requirements.   

2. The purchase - sale agreement the moment      

2.1. The contract between the buyer and the seller shall be considered concluded from the moment when the buyer e-store to form a shopping cart refers to the delivery address, choose the method of payment and familiar with the rules, click the button "Confirm Order"   

3. Seller's rights      

3.1. In the event of serious circumstances, the Seller may suspend or terminate the e-store activities, with prior notification to the Buyer.   

3.2. If the buyer is trying to undermine the e-shop operation, stability and security, or in breach of its obligations, the Seller has the right without notice to suspend or restrict access to e-commerce, or in exceptional cases, cancel the registration of the buyer.   

3.3. The seller reserves the right to unilaterally change the conditions of these rules without prior notice.   

3.4. Seller has the right without prior notice to the Purchaser to cancel the order if the buyer does not pay for the goods within three (3) working days.   

3.5. All communications between the parties, the buyer send the registration form by e-mail.   

4. Seller's obligations and responsibilities      

4.1.   Seller agrees to provide all conditions of the Buyer proper use of e-shop services.

4.2.   The seller undertakes to deliver the ordered goods to the buyer, the buyer to the address and within the agreed delivery period.

4.3. The seller, in the event of serious circumstances, being able to deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer, the Buyer undertakes to offer a similar product, but the buyer refused to accept the goods analog to return the money paid within three working days if the buyer make a prepayment.

4.4.   Buyer's use of the item 5.2.  point of the right, the seller agrees to refund the money paid by the buyer within 10 (ten) business days, counted from the date of receipt of returned goods.

4.5.   If the buyer fails to provide accurate data on the registration form, Seller is not responsible for the ensuing consequences.

4.6.   Seller is not responsible for the information contained in other websites, even if the buyer gets to these sites during the user's e-store the links.

4.7.  Seller is not responsible for the consumer credit contract between the leasing company and the buyer, content and consumer credit contract on the basis of rising leasing company and the buyer of mutual obligations.

4.8.  The seller shall deliver the goods to the Purchaser in accordance with the terms specified in the trade description. These terms are preliminary, also not apply in cases where the seller is not appropriate stock of goods, while the buyer is informed about the shortage of goods ordered. Along Buyer agrees that in exceptional cases the goods presentation may be delayed due to unexpected circumstances beyond the Seller. In this case, the Seller undertakes to immediately contact the Buyer and to harmonize the conditions of goods.

4.9.   In all cases the seller is released from liability for the breach of terms, if the purchaser of the goods is not provided or not provided in time for the fault of the buyer or the buyer of circumstances.

4.10.  Seller is not responsible for the e-store goods in their color, shape or other parameters may not match the actual size, shape and color of the buyer used the monitor features. 

5. Buyer's rights      

5.1. The buyer has the right to buy goods in e-shop these rules and e-shop procedures.   

5.2. The buyer has the right to refuse the sale - purchase agreement entered into with e-commerce, notifying the Seller in writing (e-mail, with return the desired product and its order number) not later than 7 (seven) working days from its date of delivery, except for where a contract for:   

5.2.1.  audiovisual works and phonograms in any video or audio media, computer programs, supply and packaging buyer breached the guards;

5.2.2.  cosmetics and perfumery, hygiene goods sales;

5.2.3.  underwear sales;

5.2.4.  This product was damaged or substantially changed its appearance, as well as if it has been used.

5.3. It has the right to modify and / or update the information contained in the registration form.   

5.4. All communications between the parties and questions send e-shops in the "Contacts" to the address or e-mail address.   

6. Buyer's obligations and responsibilities      

6.1. A buyer using e-commerce confirms that agrees with the sale - purchase rules and must comply with them.   

6.2. The buyer must pay for the goods and take them to these Regulations setting atyta order.   

6.3. The buyer has no right to bring claims against the seller for delivery ill, if the wrong delivery address.   

6.4. The buyer is fully responsible for the registration form submitted information.   

6.5. Buyer is responsible for the acts, intentionally or unintentionally done using e-commerce.   

6.7. Presentation of goods to the Buyer the Buyer shall, together with the seller or his agent to check shipment and product (s) and the state signed the invoice, bill of lading or other transfer of the lot - the adoption of the document. The buyer signing the invoice, delivery note or other transfer of the lot - the adoption of the document, it is considered that the shipment has been delivered in proper condition, brand damage, the occurrence of which attributable to non-factory basis Brok, and the product (s) complete set of inconsistencies (such that you can determine the shape of goods examination) is not. Noticing that the consignment package is damaged (crumpled, wet or otherwise externally damaged), product (s) are damaged (s) and / or product (s) is not suitable for a complete set, the buyer must be noted on the invoice, delivery note or other transfer of the lot - agreement and with the presence of the seller or his agent to make out a free-form items and / or item (s) damage / inconsistencies act.Buyer fails to make these actions, the seller is exempt from liability to the Buyer for goods damage, if such damage is not the basis for the emergence of factory defect and a complete set of goods discrepancies, if these discrepancies can be identified external goods inspection.

6.8.   The seller is exempt from any liability in cases where the loss arises from the fact that the buyer, the seller regardless of the recommendations and their commitments familiar with these rules, although such a possibility was given.

7. The price of goods, payment, and delivery terms.      

7.1. Product price e-shop and formed the Order shall include VAT.   

7.2. The buyer pays for the goods in one of the selected methods:   

7.2.1. Payment via e-banking - a prepayment using customer's electronic banking system. Cash Buyer shall transfer to the relevant bank chosen the e-shop account. Responsibility for the security of the data in this case lies with the relevant bank, as all cash transactions are bank e-banking system.

7.2.2.  Payment by bank transfer - this prepayment, the buyer, to print a prepaid account - order and went to the nearest branch, transfer money to the e-store's bank account specified in the advance payment account - order.

7.2.3.  Payment via leasing companies provide consumer credit contracts service - this method of payment, the buyer (natural person) and leasing company enters into a contract for the purchase's e-store financing.

7.2.3. Payment to the seller or his representative goods to the buyer at the time of the specified delivery address. 

7.3. Only upon receipt of payment for the goods or the purchaser confirmation of the order (applicable where the buyer elects to settle the time of delivery), the Seller starts to form a package of goods and begin delivery deadline.   

7.5.   Items weighing up to 30 kg seller or his agent delivers exactly the Purchaser at the address indicated. Items weighing more than 30 kg Dealer or an authorized person brings to the first door. For larger items or bulky goods weighing more than 30 kg applicator Buyer shall agree with the seller in advance. If the buyer responsible for placing and harmonizing carrying services to the seller, the buyer may require the seller of the service performance.

7.6.   Sold for certain types of goods gives a valid time items quality guarantee, the specific terms and other conditions are given for these goods descriptions. In the case where the seller of goods to certain types of things does not guarantee quality, warranty valid, provided the relevant legislation.

7.7. The seller does not provide warranty service trade, in each case referring to the buyer offering the warranty service center.